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Hello, all you happy people! I've got all my plans set out for the release of Deathly Hallows, do you? You'd better. As of the moment, I'm grounded from the computer, but no one is in our computer room, so I'm sneaking on.

I have decided that this other guy I work with is cute. His name is Zach Brown, and he has freckles and RED HAIR! Well, more like creamy orange, but it still counts as red, right? I think I annoy him a lot though, but he often just says my name for no reason, which I find wierd. It's very strange. And it would be creepy if we started dating....that is if he likes me...he certainly acts like it...but yes. 

I'm in a very dancy mood right now. Earlier, Hugh and I were dancing to some of my mum's Celtic folksy music, and Aeron walked in and he was like, "WTF? My siblings are f****** nuts!" And then he joined us. It was very wierd.

But this afternoon, I was riding my bike just to blow off some steam and I saw this guy Cory from school, so we rode around annoying our old teachers, and then I brought him to my house so he could have some water because it was really hot, so I let him in and my mum was like "OOOH! A BOY! *SQUEE*" my dad was like "Huuuuuh" and my brothers were like, "Grrr" and I had to give him a tour of the house and all this stuff, so was very awkward. 

Yes, that about sums up my day. Band camp in two weeks, booo! Drunk band teachers are not cool!


Tags: corey, dancing with my brothers, deathly hallows, overprotective, zach brown
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