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Bunnies, Bouncing in Me Head

Alright! New layout! Isn't it awesomeified?

As of right now, I have a plot bunny bouncing around in my head, Marauder era, slightly based on Wicked. I started one using the songs, but it didn't work out so well, so yeah...but this one makes more sense. I shall post on if you'd like to read it. I plan on calling Peter "the little Butterball turkey" as he somewhat makes me think of them. And he was really short; like Aeron's friend. My friend Yolanda and I were up high in a tree one day and Aeron and Leo (the short guy) were walking on the ground, and she happened to look down, seeing Aeron and Leo.  She shouted out, "Why is there a Butterball turkey walking with Aeron?!" I was like *faceplam* "Yolanda, that's Leo."

Yup, I think that covers Leo.
Tags: butterball turkies, marauders, new layout, plot bunnies, yolanda
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