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It's Getting Closer!

If school gets any closer, I'm going to have to bite it. In my local paper, it'll say "Azalea Taliesin, 14, of __________, biting the school 'because it was invading my personal space.'"

We had what Aeron calls "whelp spotting" today, otherwise known as "freshman orientation". My section leader was there, and I annoyed him a little bit. I wonder if he'll make the connection between the girl who asked how to get to Honors' English and the sarcastic girl who stands behind him in "Officer Krupke"? I'll be so proud if he does. Of course, he should kow Aeron and Hugh, and he definitely knows Gryffyn. And if he hasn't at least HEARD of Gareth, then he's a real loser. 

Gareth is so wonderful that he annoys me. Hugh has his faults and Aeron is ALL faults. Gryffyn is so quiet that it doesn't matter. I'm not going to describe them.
Tags: brothers, school
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