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I AM SO TIRED! THAT CRAZY OLD MAN WHO CALLS HIMSELF A TEACHER JUST MADE US MARCH NON-STOP FOR THREE HOURS !!!!!! I am exhausted. And embarrassed. I'm still crushing a bit on Matt, and I'm getting a bit jealous of his girlfriend (curse her for being so nice and wonderful and funny. She really is a nice girl though. I like her) and ohohohohooooh, I want to just KISS him so bad, because we are perfect for each other. And we really are. I was laughing so hard because of him tonight. But I think I scared him because I said I'd rather sleep with him in his "hammock" (don't ask) than with his dog in its cage.

But on the other hand, I am super excited for homecoming!!! *SQUEENESS* My dress is so pretty! I love it! And with all of my brothers, I'll have someone to dance with.
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